What’s with the name?

Sandy Sandwich Productions encompasses both my photography and videography businesses. The silly name came from a beautiful summer day when my son Leo was just a toddler. He was running around a Duxbury, Mass. beach with a fluffernutter sandwich that had become more sand than sandwich. Undeterred, he sat down in his little purple beach chair and happily munched away while watching the waves. As I snapped a few pictures, I realized that I should be so content and present as he was, and at that moment I decided to pursue my lifelong passion as my career. Yes, I am called “Sandy” at least three times a week, and to my theater friends I am “Mr. Sandwich.” I am good with that.

About us

Before picking up the camera, we will spend time together discussing the purpose of your images in order to determine the right style for the look you want. I know you don't like having your picture taken, and I promise that working together will be collaborative and comfortable. More information on how it works, including pricing, here.

While this starts and ends with you, I understand if you want to know a little more about me. First and foremost I am a storyteller. I began by drawing stories as a boy, devoted myself to creative writing in high school and college, and pursued a career in publishing. My camera was always with me, documenting events both significant and mundane, capturing moments that found their way into my stories. 

I picked up video when my first child was born, and quickly fell in love with how the combination of sound and image added richness to a story. I focus on photography and videography equally now and plan to continue to have my feet firmly planted in both mediums in the future.

My journey thus far has been surprising, challenging, and far more rewarding than I ever thought or dreamed would be possible. I am inspired by the wonderful people I meet and am privileged to work with, and I am driven to share your unique story with the world.

I am a certified Nikon Professional and a member of the Professional Photographers of America. Partial list of recent clients here.

Contact me to talk about YOUR story!

Many thanks for visiting. 
- John