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I love working with artists. I am inspired by their talent, passion, imagination and grit. It gives me great pleasure to help share their unique gifts with the world. Here are a few recent examples. The paintings on this page are by Katherine Miller (
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DSC_3545.jpgDSC_3561.jpgDSC_3563.jpg20190830-DSC_5698.jpg20190830-DSC_5597.jpg20190830-DSC_5625.jpg20180608-DSC_6471.jpg20190830-DSC_5628.jpgDSC_3576.jpgIMG_1849.jpg20170305-DSC_9050.jpg20170305-DSC_9078.jpgDSC_5674.jpg20180128-DSC_8198.jpg1 - 4x6 Horiz