Sandy Sandwich Productions | Head Shots & Senior Portraits

Head shots fascinate me. Even if you used exactly the same lighting, lens, angle, etc. with two different people, the image would be completely different. Your head shot is as individual and unique as you are! I never start with a complete plan in place - it is the collaboration between the two of us that determines how the final image takes shape - and I understand that very few people like being in front of a camera! My approach is to get comfortable first and to have fun throughout. Some comments I have received include:
"They are all so beautiful - thank you so much!!"
"You did a wonderful job getting my son to look comfortable and I think the setting was perfect."
"These are seriously awesome!"
KayHeadshot-35.jpg20170910-DSC_8227-BW.jpg12a20170917-DSC_8833.jpg20170917-DSC_8868.jpgDSC_3522.jpg14aKayHeadshot-23.jpg20170910-DSC_8219.jpg2 - 5x7 Vert Vignette2486 (4x6)DSC_3262.jpg20170826-DSC_8062.jpg